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Stem Cell Research

The Texas Freedom Network works closely with coalition partners to promote and protect medical research into embryonic and adult stem cells. Such research gives hope to familes struggling with serious medical conditions such as juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's disase, cancer and spinal cord injuries. Many scientists believe embryonic stem cell research holds the most promise for advances in treating these and other serious and life-threatening medical conditions.

Scientists currently conduct embryonic stem cell research in Texas, but the Legislature has not appropriated public funds for that purpose. In fact, far-right lawmakers have actually proposed legislation in recent years that would not only have barred future funding for such research. That legislation would also have barred research at publicly funded facilities, even if the research were privately funded. So far TFN and our coalition partners have blocked the passage of bills that would put politics ahead of the science and hope of stem cell research.

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Texans for Advancement for Medical Research