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Stand Up For Science

Stand Up for Science 2013Stand Up for Science is an ongoing TFN campaign uniting parents, educators, scientists and businesspeople in support of sound science education and responsible medical research in Texas. This multi-issue campaign focuses primarily on the issue of teaching evolution and climate change in public school science classes and defending stem cell research in Texas.

You can join our campaign by signing our Stand Up for Science petition. TFN will send e-mail updates to help you know when and how to take action on crucial public policy decisions involving science.

Science Education: Evolution and Climate Change

TFN believes Texas students deserve a 21st-century science education that prepares them to succeed in college and the jobs of tomorrow. During debate over new public school science standards in 2009, the Texas Freedom Network and other supporters of sound science education persuaded a majority of State Board of Education members to strip out a requirement that students learn about phony "weaknesses" of evolution. Unfortunately, far-right pressure groups succeeded in opening the door to other creationist attacks on evolution in science classrooms. In addition, far-right activists continue to oppose teaching students about the scientific consensus on climate change and the dangers it poses for our world.

In 2013 the State Board of Education will adopt new textbooks and other instructional materials that are based on the 2009 science curriculum standards. Learn more about this important debate — and how you can get involved with our campaign to protect science education in Texas.

Stem Cell Research

The Texas Freedom Network also works closely with coalition partners to promote and protect medical research into embryonic and adult stem cells. Such research gives hope to familes struggling with serious medical conditions such as juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's disase, cancer and spinal cord injuries. Many scientists believe embryonic stem cell research holds the most promise for advances in treating these and other serious and life-threatening medical conditions. Learn more about our work supporting stem cell research.