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Delet It Placeholder The Texas State Board of Education decides what every student in Texas public schools will learn from kindergarten through high school. The board does so by adopting curriculum standards and textbooks for public schools in the state.

Following the 2012 elections, board members are now scheduled to adopt new science textbooks in 2013 and social studies textbooks in 2014. Those textbooks will be in Texas classrooms for nearly a generation. The debate is likely to revolve around the same "culture war" and other hot-button issues that have often divided the board: what students learn about evolution, climate change, separation of church and state, civil rights history and the contributions of minorities in our state's and nation's history.

TFN has the resources to help you get informed about the board and how you can help our work in forcing board members to put the education of Texas schoolchildren ahead of their own personal and political agendas.

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