Religious Right Watch

Republican Party of Texas

Perhaps the greatest success of the religious-right movement in Texas has been its complete takeover of the state Republican Party. This effort progressed steadily during the 1990s and was essentially complete by the end of Gov. George W. Bush’s administration in 2000.

Rank-and-file Republican activists have often found themselves left off delegate lists and replaced with professional leaders and activists of far-right groups such as the Texas Christian Coalition, Texas Eagle Forum and the Free Market Foundation.

Far-right dominance in the state GOP has been evident in the selection of delegates to national Republican Party conventions. In the 1990s, for example, religious-right activists sought to keep U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from serving as a Texas delegate to the Republican National Convention. In addition, state party platforms have declared America a “Christian nation,” called the constitutional principle of separation of church and state a “myth,” and promoted discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans, efforts to limit access to contraception and calls to defund public education.

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