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Protecting Religious Freedom

The right to worship as one chooses free from government interference is the foundation of a diverse and democratic society, protecting the rights of all people of faith. Policies like government-mandated school prayer and public funding for religious schools threaten religious freedom.

The Texas Freedom Network respects the faith of all Texans
by opposing government actions that promote one faith over others.

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Access to Birth Control

The Texas Freedom Network supports efforts to ensure adequate state funding and broad availability of birth control, especially for low-income women. TFN also believes that corporations should not be able to impose their religious beliefs on their employees' healthcare decisions by denying them insurance coverage for birth control.
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Public School Bible Courses

When taught with credible materials and from a nonsectarian perspective, Bible courses are an appropriate and even laudable way to help students learn about history and literature. Sadly, pressure groups have hijacked a good idea. They betray the faith families place in public schools by misusing Bible courses to promote their own narrow religious beliefs over all others. Confusion about current Texas law regarding Bible courses (especially pertaining to HB 1287, or the so-called "Bible bill") is widespread. TFN has a helpful guide to current Texas law in this area.
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Religious Expression in Public Schools

The Texas Freedom Network affirms the right of every child to pray voluntarily in public school and the right of students to practice their own faith, free from government-sponsored prayer. Unfortunately, current Texas law in this area -- as codified in the "Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act" -- places public schools at risk for needless litigation and threatens the religious freedom of students.
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Separation of Church and State

The Texas Freedom Network supports the constitutional guarantee of the separation of religion and government, which protects the right of all Americans to practice the faith of their choice, free of government interference.
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Faith-Based Initiative

The faith-based initiative - as implemented by Texas Governor, then President George W. Bush - includes policies that would fund religious organizations with tax dollars; loosen regulations and licensing of faith-based providers; and permit providers to discriminate based on religion in hiring practices. TFN's research has found these policies to be a troubled enterprise for houses of worship, taxpayers and people in need alike.
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The Texas Freedom Network believes religious schools and institutions should remain free of the government controls and regulations that appropriately accompany government funds. Spending public tax dollars for religious schools violates the state and federal constitutional separation of church and state.
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