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Strengthening Public Schools

Public education for all is a core democratic value, making the American dream a reality for our children. Yet this pillar of American life is under assault by coordinated efforts to undermine quality standards and siphon funding from neighborhood schools.

The Texas Freedom Network leads the fight against private school vouchers,
textbook censorship and other efforts to undermine public education.

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Sex Education

Texas has one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation. Yet ignorance-based, abstinence-only policies dominate instruction in public schools about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy. The Texas Freedom Network supports sex education that emphasizes the importance of abstinence while also providing medically accurate information about responsible pregnancy and disease prevention that helps teens make important life decisions.
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The Texas Freedom Network supports fully funding our state’s public schools. Vouchers are a controversial proposition to use tax dollars to fund tuition at private and religious schools. Vouchers would drain money from our public schools.
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Textbook Censorship

The Texas Freedom Network works to ensure that students have access to up-to-date, factual instructional materials that are based on unbiased information and research. For decades censors on and off the State Board of Education have targeted Texas textbooks, raising political and ideological objections on topics ranging from sex education to evolution.
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Charter Schools

Promising innovation and student achievement, the Legislature created charter schools in 1995 as an experiment in deregulating and privatizing public schools. Instead, the number of academically and financially failing charter schools has far outpaced the number of successful, stable charter schools.
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School Privatization

The Texas Freedom Network supports the use of innovative technology and teaching methods that help schoolchildren succeed in our neighborhood public schools. Taking tax dollars away from our public schools to fund for-profit education companies, however, is too risky for our schoolchildren. Many of those private companies have far better political connections than they do track records for academic performance.
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Local Control/Home Rule

The Texas Freedom Network affirms the crucial reforms and progress made by Texas public schools since the mid-1980s. Standards such as small class sizes, teacher certification and strong accountability measures have helped our state’s students succeed. Deregulation measures called “local control” or “home rule” would threaten that progress by erasing these and other quality education standards.
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