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Evolution Weekend

Each February the Texas Faith Network partners with The Clergy Letter Project to sponsor Evolution Weekend in Texas. Evolution Weekend is an opportunity for congregations around the world to engage in thoughtful discussion and reflection on the relationship between faith and science. More than 1,000 congregations have participated in this event over the last few years, including more than 50 in Texas. The dates for the upcoming Evolution Weekend are:

February 7-9, 2014

There are a number of ways congregations can be involved. Some clergy prepare a sermon that touches on the topic of religion and science (there are some helpful liturgical resources available here), but participation can take any form with which a congregation feels comfortable, including:

  • Sermons
  • Sunday school or adult education class
  • Discussion groups outside of regular meetings
  • Invited speaker
  • Lunch discussion
  • Book or film discussion

This topic has particular urgency in Texas because of the perennial squabbles in our state over the presentation of evolution in our public school science classes. Given the self-professed religious motivations of politicians who seek to censor evolution, it is more important than ever to make clear that not all people of faith are hostile toward evolution.

You can visit the Clergy Letter Project for more information about this event and its history. If you would like to add your faith community to the growing list of Texas congregations that celebrate Evolution weekend, send an e-mail to the Texas Faith Network.