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As leaders from many religious traditions across Texas, we affirm the fundamental importance of access to safe and affordable healthcare for women. The freedom to decide when to have children is essential to women’s health, individual rights and family stability in our state. Policies that restrict or deny access to contraception undermine our common spiritual commitment to these basic liberties.

We believe decisions about birth control are appropriately made by individuals — not employers or the government. In order to protect religious freedom and individual conscience, we believe institutions that employ and serve the general public should not be allowed to deny individuals access to — or coverage of — contraception by asserting religious reasons.

United in these common convictions, we call on our state leaders to:

  • Support policies that ensure adequate funding and broad availability of birth control, especially for low- and moderate-income women.
  • Uphold policies that protect an individual’s ability to access birth control according to her or his own conscience or religious beliefs.

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Texas Religious Leaders Support
Access to Birth Control

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* UPDATE: More than 370 Texas religious leaders have signed the statement.
                    See the full list of signers below.
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The ability for women in Texas to access basic preventive healthcare services — including contraception and family planning — has been under attack recently. Far too often religious voices have supported these attacks or remained silent while politicians made decisions that damaged women’s health and eroded individual rights.

Enough is enough. Now religious leaders from a wide range of faith traditions in Texas are speaking out in support of access to these crucial services.

As members of the advisory board for this effort, we invite religious leaders from around the state to join us by adding their names to a statement supporting access to birth control. The statement appears in the box to the right.

Rev. Kelly Allen
, University Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
Rev. Larry Bethune, University Baptist Church (Austin)
Rabbi Neil Blumofe, Congregation Agudas Achim (Austin)
Rev. Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock, Brite Divinity School (Fort Worth)
Rev. Valda Jean Combs, Baptist (Fort Worth)
Rev. Dorisanne Cooper, Lake Shore Baptist Church (Waco)
Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis, Northwoods UU Church (The Woodlands)
Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson, Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ (Dallas)
Rev. Dr. Joretta Marshall, Brite Divinity School (Fort Worth)
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby, Austin Presbyterian Seminary (Austin)
Rabbi Amy Weiss, The Initiative for Jewish Women (Houston)

* Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

Click here for a list of Texas religious leaders who have already signed on in support of this effort.

For more information about this project, or to learn how you can get involved, please contact TFN at ryan[at]



Current List of Signers
(Affiliations listed for identification purposes only)

Current Number of Signers: 371

 Rev. Sue Abold (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Ashley Abraham Hood (First Presbyterian Church - Grapevine) • Rev. Peter Aguilar (United Methodist Church - Laredo) • Rev. Kelly Allen (University Presbyterian Church - San Antonio) • Rabbi Adam Allenberg (Temple Emanu-El - Dallas) • Rev. John Alexander (New Covenant Presbytery - Beaumont) • Rabbi Larry Bach (Temple Mt. Sinai/Reform) • Rev. Mona Bailey (Grace Presbytery - Fort Worth) • Rev. Victoria Bailey (University United Methodist Church - Austin) • Dr. Warner Bailey (Presbyterian Church USA - Fort Worth) • Rev. Dr. Coleman Baker (Brite Divinity School - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Jim Bankston (St. Paul's United Methodist Church - Houston) • Annanda Barclay (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary) • Dr. Lynn Barton (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Nicole Bates (Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church - Dallas) • Rev. Richard Bates (University United Methodist Church) • Rev. Mally Baum (Trinity Presbyterian Church - McKinney) • Rev. Tracy Beadle (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rabbi Anne Belford (Reform - Houston) • Rev. Sarah Bentley (United Church of Christ - Austin) • Cantor Julie Berlin (Temple Beth-El - San Antonio) • Rabbi Alan Berlin (Temple Beth-El - San Antonio) • Rev. Martha Bessac (United Methodist Church - Georgetown) • Rabbi Marie Betcher (Congregation Shir Ami - Cedar Park) • Dr. Lander Bethel (Grand Ave Presbyterian Church - Sherman) • Rev. Larry Bethune (University Baptist Church - Austin) • Dr. Steven Bishop (Seminary of the Southwest - Austin) • Rev. Georjean Blanton (United Methodist - Austin) • Rabbi Barry Block (Temple Beth-El - San Antonio) • Rabbi Neil Blumofe (Congregation Agudas Achim - Austin) • Rev. Glynden Bode (United Methodist Church - Houston) • Rev. Whitney Bodman (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Robert Bohmfalk (United Methodist Church - Seguin) • Rev. Frank Boutwell (United Methodist Church - New Boston) • Anna Bowden (The Sanctuary - Austin) • Rev. Brent Bowden (The Sanctuary - Austin) • Rev. Gordon Bowie (Presbyterian Church USA - El Paso) • Rev. Morris Braton (United Methodist Church - Georgetown) • Rev. Tracey Breashears Schultz (Zion Lutheran Church - Houston) • Rev. Christa Brewer (The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church - The Woodlands) • Catriona Broadway (First Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Rev. Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock (Brite Divinity School - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Jay Brown (St. Mark's UMC - Shiner) • Rabbi Rick Brody (Congregation Kol Halev - Austin) • Sharolyn Browning (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Susan Buchanan (United Methodist Church - Houston) • Penny Burnette (Wildflower Church - Austin) • Rev. Cameron Burton (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Robert Bush (United Methodist Church - Brookston) • Rev. Howard Caesar ( Unity Church of Christianity - Houston) • Rev. Dennis Camp (United Methodist Church - Moody) • Rev. Mel Caraway (United Methodist Church - DeSoto) • Rev. Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi (Christian Church Disciples of Christ - Dallas) • Len Carrell (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Dr. Warren Carter (Brite Divinity School - Fort Worth) • Rev. Michael Cave (United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • David Chambers (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Kyle Childress (Austin Heights Baptist Church - Nacogdoches) • Rev. Thomas Christianson (United States Air Force - Austin) • Rev. Carl Clark (Driftwood UMC - Driftwood) • Kaci Clark-Porter (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Jaime Clark-Soles (Perkins School of Theology - Dallas) • Michael Clawson (Journey Imperfect Faith Community - Austin) • Rev. Joseph Clifford (First Presbyterian Church - Dallas) • Rev. Donald Clinton (United Methodist Church - Livingston) • Rev. Carlos Clugy-Soto (Presbyterian Church USA - El Paso) • Rev. Deborah Clugy-Soto (Desert View United Church of Christ - El Paso) • Rev. Harold Coburn (United Methodist Church - DeBerry) • Rabbi Amy Cohen (Temple Beth Shalom - Austin) • Rev. Valda Jean Combs (St. James United Methodist Church - Waco) • Lindsay Conrad (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Dorisanne Cooper (Lake Shore Baptist Church - Waco) • Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis (Northwoods UU Church - The Woodlands) • Alex Cornell (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Dr. Russell Dalton (Brite Divinity School - Willow Park) • Rev. Amy Danchik (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Victoria) • Rev. Dr. Ginny Brown Daniel (Plymouth United Church - Spring) • Zane Daniel (St. Paul Presbyterian Church - San Angelo) • Rev. Allie Davenport (United Methodist Church - Whitney) • Rev. Peter Davids (All Saints Episcopal Church - Stafford) • Rev. Victoria Davidson (North Texas UMC Conference - Lufkin) •Rev. Margaret Decker (United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis (Union for Reformed Judaism - Flower Mound) • Rev. Nancy DeStefano (United Methodist Church - Frisco) • Rev. Jeanne Devine (Berkeley United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Thomas Devlin (Mercy of God Community - Amarillo) • Rev. Michael Diaz (Resurrection MCC - Houston) • Rev. Elizabeth Dick (Grace Presbytery - Fort Worth) • Rev. Laurel Dixon (Journey Imperfect Faith Community - Austin) • Rev. Kyland Dobbins (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Isabel Docampo (American Baptist/Alliance of Baptist - Dallas) • Dr. Paul Dodd (University Baptist Church - Austin)• Dr. Lewis Donelson (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Philip Douglas (Unitarian Universalist - Corpus Christi) • Rev. Becky Downs (John Knox Presbyterian Church - Houston) • Christopher Dunn (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Ilene Dunn (Presbyterian Church USA - Round Rock) • Rev. Michael Dunson (First Christian Church - Belton) • Rev. Daniel Echols (United Methodist Church - Lubbock) • Rev. Laura Echols-Richter (United Methodist Church - Frisco)• Rev. Mark Edmiston-Lange (Unitarian Universalist - Houston) • Rev. John Elford (University United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Linda Elford (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Dr. Russell Elleven (Westside Unitarian Universalist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Kathleen Ellis (First Unitarian Universality Church - Houston) • Rev. Rudy England (Unity - Austin) • Rev. Alycia Erickson (Metropolitan Community Church - Austin) • Rev. Paul Escamilla (Saint John's United Methodist Church - Austin) • Kathy Escandell (University Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Dr. Ruth Elswood (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Bruce Felker (United Methodist Texas Conference - The Woodlands) • Rev. Wendy Fenn (First Presbyterian Church - Dallas) • Rev. Brian Ferguson (San Marcos UU Fellowship - San Marcos) • Rev. G. M. Field (United Methodist Church - Bonham) • Rev. Robert Field (First Presbyterian Church - Lubbock) • Rabbi Steve Fisch (Congregation Beth El Binah - Dallas) • Rev. Raymond Flachmeier (Abiding Love Lutheran Church - Austin) • Rev. Duane Florschuetz (Emeritus, Lutheran Church MO Synod - Georgetown) • Rev. Robert Flowers (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Annie Foerster (Unitarian Universalist - Fort Worth) • Rev. Eric Folkerth (Northaven United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Katherine Fox (Christ Church UCC - Rowlett) • Rabbi Alan Freedman (Temple Beth Shalom - Austin) • Rev. Charles Fredrickson (Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd - San Antonio) • Rev. Chuck Freeman (Free Souls Church - Austin) • Rev. Sharon Freeto (La Vernia United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • Rev. Doug Fritzsche (Bastrop Presbyterian Fellowship - Austin) • Rev. Amelia Fulbright (University Baptist Church - Austin) • Rev. Camille Gaston (United Methodist Church Campus Ministry - Denton) • Rev. Eric Gates (Christian Church Disciples of Christ - Austin) • Rev. Miriam Georg (United Methodist Church - Arlington) • Rev. Sharon Gearing (Westminster Presbyterian Church - Arlington) • Rev. Thomas Gibbons (St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church - Richardson) • Rev. David Gilliam (Faith United Methodist Church - Austin) • Michele Goff (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Cheryl Walenta Gorvie (Bethany Lutheran Church - Dallas) • Rev. David Gouwens (Brite Divinity School - Fort Worth) • Rev. Sharon Gouwens (Christian Church DOC - Fort Worth) • Cantor Abby Gostein (Temple Beth Shalom - Austin) • Rev. Rosemary Grattan (Covenant United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Lura Groen (Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church - Houston) • Rev. Victoria Griffin (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Marvin Groote (Grace Presbytery - Flower Mound) • Rev. Rebecca Gurney Powe (Alliance of Baptists - Midland) • Rev. Sid Hall (Trinity United Methodist Church - Austin) • Brita Hansen (St. David's Hospital - Austin) • Rabbi Laura Harari (Temple Rodef Sholom - Waco) • Rev. Brooks Harrington (Methodist Justice Ministry - Fort Worth) • Kristen Harris (Crosspoint Fellowship - Abilene) • Rev. Todd Harris (First United Methodist Church - Allen) • Rev. LaVelle Haynes (Marble Falls UMC - Horseshoe Bay) • Rev. Patrick Heath (United Methodist Church - Boerne) • Rev. Tom Heger (Beacon Hills Presbyterian Church - San Antonio) • Rev. Terry Heislen (Voices Raising - Plano) • Dr. Roy L. Heller (Perkins School of Theology/SMU - Dallas) • Rev. Bradley Highum (Abiding Love Lutheran Church - Austin) • Rev. Page Hines (First United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Dr. John C. Holbert (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. George Holcombe (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Patricia Holland (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Judy Holloway (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Robert Holloway (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Janelle Hooper (St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Sugar Land) • Rev. David Hoster (Episcopal Church - Georgetown) • Rev. Michael House (United Methodist Church - Lewisville) • Rev. Leotia Howard (United Methodist Church - Waco) • Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson (Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ - Dallas) • Rev. Brian Hughes (Church of Christ - Garland) • Dr. Robert Hunt (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Lisa Hunt (St. Stephens Episcopal Church - Houston) • Rev. Jennifer Innis (Unitarian Universalist - Plano) • Rev. Nan Jenkins (Presbyterian Church USA - Round Rock) • Dr. David Jensen (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Charles Foster Johnson (Bread Fellowship - Desdemona) • Rev. Mary Lu Johnston (University Christian Church - Austin) • Rev. Bobbi Kay Jones (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Kathleen Jones (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Mary Ann Kaiser (University United Methodist Church) • Rev. Daniel Kanter (Unitarian Universalist - Dallas) • Rabbi Nancy Kasten (Reform Movement of Judaism - Dallas) • Rabbi Neal Katz (Temple Beth-El - Tyler) • Dr. Douglas Keenan (Cooperative Baptist - Austin) • Rev. Elizabeth Kevilus (United Methodist Church - Manor) • Rev. Christ-Singh Khalsa (Sikh Dharma - Austin) • Rev. Denise Kirk-Hall (United Methodist Church - Haslet) • Rev. Jerald Kirkpatrick - Lakewood Christian Church - Waco) • Rabbi Asher Knight (Temple Emanu-El - Dallas) • Rabbi Rachel Kobrin (Congregation Agudas Achim - Austin) • Dr. Jerome Koch (Presbyterian Church USA - Lubbock) • Erica Knisely (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Mitch Kolls (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Jo Kretzler (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Charles Kutz-Marks (University Christian Church - Austin) • Rev. Joseph Larson (United Methodist Church - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Elizabeth LaBella-Foster (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Melanie Lange (Christian Church Disciples of Christ - Midland) • Ivy Lassiter (Baptist - Richardson) • Rev. Beverly Bethune Lawson (Christian Church Disciples of Christ - Austin) • Kathy Lee (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Fred Lauten (Christian Church DOC - San Antonio) • Dave Lee (Baptist - Austin) • Rev. Cynthia Layton (St. Mark United Methodist Church - Austin) • Dr. Ouida Lee (United Methodist Church of the Disciples - De Soto) • Father Don Legge (Episcopal Church - Salado) • Dr. Richard Leu (Roman Catholic - Austin) • Rev. Karen Lewis (First Unitarian Church - Dallas) • Rev. Gary Lindley (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Commie Linson (St. James United Methodist Church - Sherman) • Meagan Ludwig (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Round Rock) • Rabbi David Lyon (Congregation Beth Israel - Houston) • Rev. Jarratt Major (United Methodist Church - Lindale) • Rev. Ken Martin (Metropolitan Community Church - Austin) • Rev. George Mason (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - Dallas) • Rev. Maureen Mathias (First UMC Arlington - Fort Worth) • Dr. David Matthews (Baptist - Dallas) • Rev. James McClain (Laurel Heights United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • Rev. William McClammy (United Methodist Church - Weatherford) • Rev. Nancy McCranie (First Presbyterian Church - Elgin) • Rev. Chuck McCullough (United Methodist Church - Helotes) • Rev. Greg McDonell (Central Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Rev. William K. McElvaney (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Jim McGill (Christ Church Cathedral - Houston) • Molly McGinnis (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. John McKee (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Donna McKee (United Methodist Church - Hurst) • Eric McKinney (United Methodist Church - Georgetown) • Rev. Elizabeth McLean (Presbyterian Church USA - Dallas) • Charles McMullen (First Unitarian Church - Dallas) • Rev. John McMullen (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Kathryn McNeely (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Linda McWhorter (Disciples of Christ - Austin) • Rev. Rhoda Montgomery (St. Thomas Episcopal Church - College Station) • Rev. Donald Manworren (Christian Church Disciples of Christ - Plano) • Dr. R. Ben Marshall (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Dr. Joretta Marshall (Brite Divinity School - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Scott Martin (United Church of Christ - New Braunfels) • Rev. John Bill Matthews (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Shelley Matthews (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger (Beth-El Congregation - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Babs Miller (St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Rev. Marilyn Meeker-Williams (St. Mark's United Methodist Church - Houston) • Rev. John Melsness (St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Houston) • Rev. Joe Miller (First United Methodist Church - Newton) • Rev. Kent Miller (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Laura Miller (Wildflower Church - Austin) • Dr. Blair Monie (Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church - Dallas) • Matthew Moon (Trinity United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Joseph Moore (Central Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Rev. Elizabeth Moseley (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Nancy Mossman (University United Methodist Church - Austin) • Michelle Mote (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Cypress) • Rev. Michael Mumme (Floresville United Methodist Church - Floresville) • Rev. Elaine Murray- Dreeben (Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church - Dallas) • Rev. Connie Nelson (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Rev. Gusti Newquist (Madison Square Presbyterian Church - San Antonio) • Rev. Christine Ng (Central Congregational Church UCC - Dallas) • Cindy Noland (Faith Action for Women in Need - Austin) • Rev. Dana Norton (Plymouth Park UMC - Irving) • Rev. Daniel O'Connell (Unitarian - Houston) • Rev. Charles Parker (United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • Dr. Mary Parker (St. Luke United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Allyson Paxton (United Methodist Church - Midlothian) • Dustin Payne (First Baptist Church Covington - Waco) • Rev. Darrel Phillips (United Methodist Church - Harker Heights) • Rev. Dr. Don Pike (United Methodist Church - Crawford) • Rev. Steve Plunkett (Presbyterian Church USA - Denton) • Father Mart Gayland Pool (Episcopal - Fort Worth) • Dr. Roger Paynter (First Baptist Church - Austin) • Rev. Carol Petty (Holy Comforter Episcopal Church - Angleton) • Rev. Vanessa Potter (Presbyterian Church USA - Dallas) • Rev. Arthur Preisinger (Lutheran - Houston) • Rev. Patrick Price (Community UU Church - Plano) • Dr. Nancy Ramsay (Presbyterian Church USA - Fort Worth) • Rev. Tom Ramsay (Desert Lotus Buddhist Community - Terlingua) • Rev. Deborah Reeves (Baptist - Austin) • Rev. Kyndall Renfro (Covenant Baptist Church - San Antonio) • Rev. Ken Richter (First Congregational Church  UCC - Houston) • Rev. George Ricker (University United Methodist Church) • Dr. Roy Ricker (United Methodist Chaplain - San Antonio) • Rev. Randal Riddile (United Methodist Church - Fort Worth) • Rev. Dr. Joerg Rieger (Perkins School of Theology - Dallas) • Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby (Austin Presbyterian Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Jim Rigby (St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Amanda Robinson (Jewish - Austin) • Rev. Amy Robinson (Presbyterian Church USA - El Paso) • Kim Rogers (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Kate Rohde (Wildflower Unitarian Universalist Church - Austin) • Rev. Carl Rohlfs (United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • Rabbi Samuel Rose (Congregation Beth Israel - Austin) • Rabbi Kenneth Roseman (Beth Israel - Corpus Christi) • Rev. Barbara Ruth (First United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Norma Salinas (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Dr. Arlene Sanchez-Walsh (International Church Foursquare Gospel - Dallas) • Rev. Jackie Saxon (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. William Schlesinger (Faith Presbyterian Church - El Paso) • Rev. Karen Schmeltekopf (The Gathering UCC - San Angelo) • Rev. Thomas Schmidt (Unitarian Universalist Church - Midland) • Rev. Susan Schnelle (Gethsemane Lutheran - Austin) • Dr. Susanne Scholz (Perkins School of Theology/SMU - Dallas) • Don Seiler (Unity of San Marcos - New Braunfels) • Rev. Katrina Shawgo (St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Round Rock) • Rev. Robert D. Shawver (United Methodist Church - Richardson) • Rev. Andy Shelton (Community of Christ - Bedford) • Rev. Terrence Sherry (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Lillian Sills (First United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Dr. Don Sinclair (United Methodist Church - Coldspring) • Gurudev Singh (Sikhism - Austin) • Rev. Mark Skrabacz (UU Church of the Hill Country - Kerrville) • Al Smith (Unitarian Universalist - Galveston) • Rev. Stephen Sobczak (United Methodist Church - Granbury) • Father Robert Soper (Episcopal Church - Edinburg) • Tony Spears (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Scott Spence (United Church of Christ - Robinson) • Rev. Susan Sprague (University United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rabbi Samuel Stahl (Emeritus, Temple Beth-El - San Antonio) • Rev. Arthur Stewart (Midway Hills Christian Church - Dallas) • Rev. James Stockton (Episcopal Church of Resurrection - Pflugerville) • Rev. Peggy Stoll (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Cathy Stone (First United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Dorothy Strickland - First Baptist Church - Austin) • Rev. D. Orval Strong (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Jen Stuart (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Jorene Taylor Swift (Broadway Baptist Church - Fort Worth) • Laureen Suba (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Norman Suggs (United Methodist Church - Arlington) • Rev. Rick Tate (United Methodist Church - Tyler) • Rev. Charles Teykl (Presbyterian Church USA - Hurst) • Dr. Eilene Theilig (Brite Divinity School - Fort Worth) • Rev. Christy Thomas (First United Methodist Church - Krum) • Gloria Thomas (First United Methodist Church - Denton) • Rev. Matthew Thompson (First Presbyterian Church - Lamesa) • Rev. John Thornburg (United Methodist Church - Dallas) • Suzette Thorpe Johnson (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Asante Todd (Baptist) • Dr. Art Torpy (United Methodist Church - Weatherford) • Rev. Karl Travis (Presbyterian Church USA - Fort Worth) • Rev. Murray Travis (Presbyterian Church USA - Amarillo) • Rev. Dale Tremper (Travis Park United Methodist Church - San Antonio) • Rev. Ron Trimmer (Hope United - Georgetown) • Rev. Karen Tudor (Unity Church - Spring Branch) • Rev. Robert Turk (United Methodist Church - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Beverly Tye (United Methodist Church - Arlington) • Rev. Mark Walz (Oak Cliff Unitarian Universality - Dallas) • Rev. Truman Warren (Presbyterian Church USA - Odessa) • Lauren Vernon (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Cheryl von Ehrenkrook (United Church of Christ - Ft. Worth) • Rev. Katelin Warren (First Congregational Church - Houston) • Rev. Skip Wachsmann (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Georgetown) • Dr. Kyle Walker (Presbyterian Church USA - Austin) • Rev. Preston Weaver (United Methodist Church - Irving) • Rev. Shane Webb (First Presbyterian Church - Mt. Pleasant) • Rev. David Weber (United Methodist Church - Mesquite) • Rev. Paul Wehner (Calvary Episcopal Church) • Rabbi Amy Weiss (The Initiative for Jewish Women - Houston) • Laura Westerlage (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Rev. Rebecca Whitaker (Presbyterian Church USA - El Paso) • Rev. Glenda Whitehead (Journey of Faith United Methodist Church - Round Rock) • Rev. Emilee Whitehurst (Presbyterian Church USA - Houston) • Rev. Lara Whitley (United Methodist Church - Joshua) • Layton Williams (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Austin) • Dr. Newell Williams (Brite Divinity School) • Rev. Mary Wilson (Church of the Savior - Cedar Park) • Rev. Tom Wisdom (Presbyterian Church USA - Wichita Falls) • Rev. Robert Woody (Episcopal Church of Reconciliation - San Antonio) • Rev. Catherine Wright (St. David's Episcopal - Austin) • Rev. Jessica Wright (First United Methodist Church - Denton) • Rev. John A. Wright (First United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Keith Wright (University Presbyterian Church - Austin) • Rev. John F Yeaman (United Methodist Church - Austin) • Rev. Kevin Young (St. John's United Methodist Church - Lubbock) • Rev. William Young (Metropolitan Community Church - Manor) • Rev. Pete Zimmerman (United Christian Church - Round Rock)