Watch as the SBOE decides to delete Dolores Huerta from history standards.

The Dolores Huerta Incident

Historical figure? A good citizen? Neither of those terms, according to the far-right members of the Texas State Board of Education, apply to Dolores Huerta. And so when a board member proposed that the famed labor and civil rights leaders be added to state curriculum standards, the result was almost predictable.

Oh, and some board members also took issue with the fact that Dolores is still alive. Sadly, we're not kidding about that last one, or the other two.

Thankfully, plenty of mainstream Texans reject the SBOE's politicized view of history and recognize the importance of Dolores' life's work. And so does TFN. That's why we're honoring her at this year's EPIC Evening, Oct. 19 in Austin.