Texas Freedom Network President Praises House Passage of Budget Amendment Barring Public Funds for Private School Vouchers

Overwhelming Vote Sends Message to Voucher Gang: Stop Wasting Time, Fully Fund Public Schools

April 4, 2013

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is releasing the following statement after the Texas House of Representatives voted 103-43 today to bar spending any public money for private school vouchers. The vote came on an amendment to the state appropriations bill, Senate Bill 1. The House also voted overwhelmingly to bar public funding for private school vouchers in 2007 and 2009. Miller said:

“You have to wonder how many times the House has to slam the door before the voucher gang gets the message. Instead of wasting time with press conferences in private schools and hearings on voucher bills that won’t pass the Legislature, lawmakers need to knuckle down and work on fully funding our neighborhood public schools.”


The Texas Freedom Network is a grassroots, nonpartisan organization of religious and community leaders who support public education, religious freedom and individual liberties.



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