We need your help to stop the war on teaching evolution in Texas public schools.

In 2009 the Texas State Board of Education ignored recommendations from teachers, curriculum specialists, and scientists who wanted to keep anti-evolution misinformation out of science standards.

Now we have a chance to give those bunk standards the boot.

But some state board members want to ignore experts AGAIN and use Texas public schools as their playground to promote an anti-science agenda.Let's tell them NO.


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I call on the Texas State Board of Education to listen to recommendations from scientists, scholars, and teachers and remove anti-evolution nonsense from the science curriculum standards.

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In 2009 the state board adopted science standards creationists hoped would undermine the teaching of evolution in the high school biology course. After teachers and scientists complained that the standards are too long and even misleading, the board this year agreed to simplify, or streamline, them.

The teachers and scientists on the high school biology curriculum team are recommending the removal of a number of anti-evolution standards. Those recommendations largely align with what teachers said in an online survey conducted by the Texas Education Agency this fall. But creationist state board members are determined to turn the clock back and teach 19th-century science in our 21st-century classrooms.

The board will hold public hearings on the proposed revisions to the standards in early 2017. Board members can make changes to the draft recommendations before taking a final vote on the new standards currently scheduled for April. The Texas Freedom network will defend science education at every step. Join us by taking action today.

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